Violin Player

Violin Player

Public Sculpture

Author: Anna Chromy
Theme: Music
Location: See Public Sculpture, Google Maps
Copyright: © Anna Chromy
Year: 1997
Material: bronze, color patina
Size: 200h x 100 x 70 cm
Weight: 150 Kg.

“Learn to dance, otherwise the angels will not know how to handle you”, says an old proverb. Dance is the harmony of movement. What does not move rots, in nature as in humans. Stagnant and still water is toneless, only flowing streams and impetuous torrents create their music.

The rivers are the instruments of Gaia’s music: The Amazon, with it’s source in the Andean Mountains, is symbolized by the Flute; the Ganges by the Indian Guitar; the Mississippi, with it’s delta in New Orleans, by the Trumpet; and the Danube, the river of my central European homeland, by the Violin. The Nile’s art is dance. For this art, crossing the centuries, it uses  the ropes once used for the geometrical measurement of the fertile soil after each flood.

The state of health of the rivers reflects the environmental conditions in the regions they cross on their way. Their imaginary music reminds us that our earth has been entrusted to us only for the short span of our life. We are her guardians, and it is our duty to ensure that this eternal music can continue unperturbed.

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