2013 – oil on canvas, 200×150 cm / 79×59 in

“In the kind of world we live today, transformation of humanity might well be our only real hope for the survival of humanity”. Stanislav Grof

Let’s explain this with the words of Amma (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi), the Indian Saint who embraces the World, physically, and with her foundation

“We may have learned to fly like birds and swim like fish, but we have forgotten to live like human beings. Today we live in a world that has placed its faith in immediate satisfaction. To change this we have to subject ourselves to self-analysis and change our minds through a powerful spiritual revolution, a transformation based on values”. If we sincerely try we can still revive this “dharma” (“that which maintains the stability and harmony of the universe”).

My Cloak of Conscience has been conceived as a space of contemplation and introspection to awaken and transform our consciousness to a superior state of conscience. Transformation can occur in natural form as an adaptation to exterior circumstances, like the Medusa in this painting, floating in the sea, transforming her color and her shape with the currents of the ocean, or the Salamander dwelling in water and capable of living in fire. But human transformation has to come from our inner self, like my Eurydice, transforming her body into a musical instrument as a gesture of eternal Love for Orpheus.

To continue with the words of Amma: “We are trying to clone human beings, but we do not attempt to create within ourselves a perfect, loving and peaceful human being. Religion, all religions, can help in this purification process, because the inner pollution of the mind is in many ways more lethal than chemical pollution. There is enough for the survival of all living beings on this earth, yet not enough to satisfy the greed of a few.

Compassion towards our fellow being is the first step in spirituality. God is not confined to a particular place, but is all-pervasive. God’s nature is pure compassion”.

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