The Rock

The Rock

2011 – oil on canvas, 160×200 cm / 63×79 in

“You must imagine Sisyphus happy”, said Albert Camus talking about his lonely hero of the absurd, as “the struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart”.

In this way, the punishment of the boulder rolling down the slope, time and again, before Sisyphus can reach the top, acquires a positive meaning in a material sense. But in my belief, to give our lives meaning, it takes more than the daily struggle to survive. It is the love for our family, our friends and all living beings which gives us hope of reaching eternity.

My Sisyphus with his family, climbing the slopes of the highest mountains, shows him alone on his final road to Nirvana: “The conscience without attributes, without limits, everywhere shining”. Maybe we artists are privileged in the way of life, seen by Camus. For him “To create means to live twice, the only chance to keep our conscience”. Considering that for him “Conscience is more important than life”, we can consider creativity as the essence of our human condition.

Together with our conscience it allows us to surpass the apparent absurdity and give a meaning to our existence. Albert Camus’ “The Myth of Sisyphus” was the first book I owned in French when I settled in this country over 40 years ago and it has never stopped inspiring my life and my creations.

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