The Garden of Conscience

The Garden of Conscience

“I believe in Spinoza’s God, who reveals Himself in the lawful Harmony of the World. Albert Einstein

The “Garden of Conscience”, is a Spiritual Center, not related to any particular faith, which will radiate its harmonizing energy to the World through Anna Chromy’s “Cloak of Conscience”.

The Cloak with its lightly flowing fold in shining white marble is the physical image of the Spiritual Harmony between Man, Nature and the Creator. Its interior is carved as a Spiral elevating the visitor towards the sky. The Garden with its ascendant Spiritual Path in the form of a Spiral or a Serpentine (depending on the selected site) serves as a preparation to the experience of the Cloak, situated on top of the hill.

The entrance of the Garden will be emblazoned with the words “Know Thyself”, the words of the Delphic Oracle, which inspired Socrates to spend his life seeking knowledge and wisdom. The enclosed area of the Garden will embrace nature and appeal to all our senses.

The Entry and Exit will house the Visitors Center (information, ticket office, bookstore, guides, refreshments, licensed merchandise, and others) together with the Anna Chromy Museum. No plastic will be allowed on site other than biodegradable drinking bottles (like Aqua di Sant’Anna in Italy). All energy for lighting, pumping of water a. o. will be generated on site from renewable resources.

The selection of the plants in the Garden will obviously depend on the geographical situation of the Garden, but should follow general guidelines in order to create a sense of harmony and peace in every visitor. The Path will be equipped with light and sound equipment, perfume dispensers, rest and information stops, in order to allow the visitor a full immersion into all “Senses of Conscience”.

The Plants in the Garden shall be selected for their calming colors, like blue, violet, pink, green and white, colors, which will be repeated by the illumination at night.

The Scents to be favored are Lavender, Lemon, Yasmine, Cinnamon, Peppermint and Pine, all known for their harmonizing and calming effects. These scents will be repeated by the dispensers, creating an overwhelming effect of “Essence of Conscience”. Herb Teas with a calming effect will complete the panoply.

The Sound environment will underline the Conscience effect with Music alternating between Classic tunes like Messiaen’s “Le Reveil des Oiseaux” ou “Epode” in “Chromochromie”, Vangeli’s “Opera Sauvage”, Sati’s “Gymnopédie no. 1, Haendel’s “Water Music”, Massenet’s “Meditation”, Chopin’s “Nocturne no, 2” Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonate”, J.S. Bach’s “Prelude no. 1, and Songs for Peace, Love and Understanding, like Yoko Ono’s “Imagine Peace Project”, 2015 in Central Park, New York.

The rest and information stops on the Path will be furnished with benches and panels with copies of Anna Chromy’s “Chromatology” paintings, visualizing different aspects of Conscience. QRcodes will allow immediate access to explanatory texts via smartphone, making these stations the “Voice of Conscience”.

The Garden will be the global Center of Conscience and connected by webcam to the smaller Cloaks installed all over the world. The Garden will have a high educational value, because it is the youth who has to be taught the values of peace, tolerance and compassion.