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Anna Chromy – Cloak Essentials

CREATION: My creativity erupts like a volcano, powerful and spontaneous. This is true for the Cloak and all my other works. I believe the Universe has been created the same way. How and by whom we don’t know, we can only believe. We harbor all the divine flame of creation, but not everybody finds the way to express it. I am lucky and thankful to be able to do that.

CHALLENGE: A pristine white block of marble, without fissures and inclusions, is a rare gift of nature, like a precious stone. To have the opportunity to transform the largest block ever found into a work of art was a great responsibility and an immense joy. In marble only few corrections are allowed, what is chipped away cannot be replaced. When Michelangelo said “the sculpture is already present in the raw block” he meant that the complete picture has to be in your head from the beginning, otherwise you lose your way.

HARMONY: Beauty is essential for our life. It allows us to see the light of Creation. Beauty instills Harmony in our soul and gives it peace. Peace with ourselves is the precondition for peace with our human fellows. The beauty and harmony of the Cloak shall help the observer to feel this peace and the interior space of the Cloak shall allow him to explore his inner self. In contrast to the materials of many contemporary works, the marble of the Cloak will radiate its beauty forever.

CONSCIENCE: Western civilization has created computers, which allow a happy few to amass incredible fortunes within nano-seconds, and it has discovered nuclear fission which allows a crazy few to wipe out humanity, equally in a few seconds. But, it has failed to develop a global governance to exclude the risk of nuclear war, and it has not been able to conceive a universally shared canon of values, a common Conscience, to share the riches of the few equally among all human beings.

HISTORY: While great empires usually implode within a short time span, leading civilizations peter out over centuries. We have reached in the West the crest and as our influence starts to vein, the force of others is going to increase. The Atlantic community will be slowly replaced by a new center in Asia, linked together by the New Silk Road Project. This is the natural flow of the world.

ETHICS: I believe deeply in the values of Beauty, Kindness and Truth. I believe that it is urgent for the survival of mankind to create a renewed sense of ethics, once a domain of religions, and to create an economic system that can function without plundering the non-renewable resources of Gaia, our mother earth, and without the destruction of our environment, our nest.                                                               

THE CLOAK: Once it will be installed in its final location the Cloak shall remind everybody that it is urgent to develop a global Conscience to control and direct the phenomenal scientific and economic advances towards a common good for all.