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It is a sculpture, made from the material used for Michelangelo’s David and Bernini’s Angels, the white Carrara marble of Cave Michelangelo, a crystalline rock of the highest quality.

It is the largest sculpture ever to be sculpted into one single block of 250 tons, a giant gemstone. It is sculpted in its interior as well, to allow experiencing the energy and the purity of marble, inductive to meditation and healing of the soul.

The creator of this masterwork is a widely acknowledged artist, laureate of the Michelangelo, Dali and Kafka Prize, the Golden Medal of the City of Prague, a Honorary Professor of the National Sculpture Academy of China, and more.

Like the Philosopher’s Stone, the central symbol of the mystical terminology of alchemy, symbolizing perfections at its finest, enlightenment and heavenly bliss, the sculpture is conceived as the universal symbol of conscience, tolerance and peace.
There is only one original available, impossible to reproduce a second time.

Anna Chromy Cloak-01 The Cloak
Anna Chromy Cloak-02 The Cloak
Anna Chromy Cloak-03 The Cloak
Anna Chromy Cloak-04 The Cloak
Anna Chromy cloak_07 The Cloak
Anna Chromy cloak_08 The Cloak

“I believe deeply in the values of Beauty, Kindness and Truth. I believe that it is urgent for the survival of humanity to create a renewed sense of ethics, once a domain of religions, and to create an economic system which gives a fair chance to everybody, functioning without plundering the non-renewable resources of our mother Earth, and without destroying the environment, our Nest. It is conscience, our inner sense of what is right or wrong, which controls or inhibits our actions and thoughts, that gave me the courage to create with the Cloak the universal Symbol for Peace, and Tolerance”

Anna Chromy

A Cloak without sleeves is the basic and most ancient form of a garment. In many religions, it has metaphysical powers. In Zen Buddhism, it symbolizes the Universe and the person wearing it is the axis of the world. In Christianity, the sleeveless garment is the Symbol of Love. The Cloak of Maria is among the most venerated garments on earth. No wonder that with so much symbolic force Cloaks in all styles have made a strong revival with all major fashion designers.

In the Arts, Anna Chromy is the creator who has consistently used the image of the Cloak to spread her Conscience message to the world. Since 1998, a number of Cloaks in bronze and marble have been installed in prime locations throughout Europe. They are the embryo of the Conscience Net, which shall one day cover the world. The largest Cloak is an archi-sculpture, five meters high, in pristine white Carrara marble from the famous Michelangelo quarry, with an interior space for meditation. This unique work, created out of a block of 250 tons, with tissue-like folds reminding us of Bernini and Michelangelo, is the center of the Conscience Net. The white Cloak, like the gown of a priest, a rabbi, an imam, or a monk, alludes to the Unity of all religions and civilizations and the Solidarity between people of all races and faith’.

Anna Chromy escavating The Cloak

Excavating The Cloak

Anna Chromy Creating The Cloak

Creating The Cloak

Anna Chromy completing The Cloak

Completing The Cloak

The Making of The Cloak

Recent Cloak installations and future projects:


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Technical Description

The Cloak with its plinth is currently located in Studio Michelangelo in Carrara were it was created. The nearest ports for container vessels are La Spezia and Livorno. The nearest airfield, which can accommodate large planes, is at Pisa.

CLOAK: The sculpture is a monolith of 50 tons, sculpted in- and outside into a bloc of originally250 tons  of white Carrara Statuario marble from Cava Amministrazione, situated in the bacino Ravaccione in Carrara (Cave Michelangelo).

The quarry has supplied since Antiquity the marble for Roman monuments and Renaissance and Baroque masterworks, like Michelangelo’s Pieta and David, and Bernini’s Angels.

The Cloak is 430 cm (170 in) high, 280 cm (110 in wide) and 380 cm (150 in) deep,

PLINTH: Two superposed plinths composed of 22 marble blocks from the quarry of the Cloak.

The first: 280 x 280 in (700 x 700 cm), height 8 in (20 cm), and a weight of 25 tons and the second 200 x 200 in (500 x 500 cm), height 16 in (40 cm), 30 tons, carved in its interior.

Exterior and interior lighting can be integrated into the plinth.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Largest sculpture ever carved into a single block of marble; the first sculpted also in its interior; and the largest marble surface ever covered by subtle folds.

The interior space, conceived for meditation, radiates a special magnetism and energy.

COPYRIGHT: The copyright for the Cloak in all dimensions and materials belongs to Anna Chromy.

The exploitation rights for image and name belong to The Conscience Institute, Luxemburg, which administrates the Anna Chromy Estate. The Cloak, like all other works of Anna Chromy, are registered with SIAE in Rome, Sezione OLAF (Arte Visive), and INPE in Paris.

DOCUMENTATION: Every step of the creation of the Cloak, since the discovery of the original bloc, has been documented with photos and a total of 12 hours of video registration.

The website receives regular updates in its Cloak and News section, and allows viewing of Cloaks and other Public Sculptures of Anna Chromy on Google Maps.                                                                            

LOCATION: The Cloak, as the Global Symbol of Conscience and the Center of the Conscience Net is an ideal attraction for a large Museum with a high visitor frequentation.

The Cloak location will be equipped with suggestive lighting, webcams, educational publications, sales facilities for licensed merchandise, and more.

Ideally, the same Museum should host other works of Anna Chromy, in order to allow the visitor a full immersion into her Conscience Art.           

Anna Chromy Cloak-trasparente The Cloak


Anna Chromy dimensions The Cloak
Anna Chromy My-cloak The Cloak

My Cloak

Anna Chromy Michelangelo-code The Cloak

The Secret Code of Michelangelo revealed in the Cloak

Anna Chromy Mozart The Cloak

Mozart’s Heavenly Melodies frozen in the Folds of the Cloak

Anna Chromy Power_Cloak The Cloak

The Power of the Cloak to change our Life

Anna Chromy Cloak-t The Cloak

Anna Chromy – Cloak Essentials

Anna Chromy Manteau-de-la-Conscience-C The Cloak

The Cloak

Anna Chromy Onde_Gravitazionali The Cloak

The Life Teachings of Einstein expressed in the Cloak

Anna Chromy Pity The Cloak

The Literature of Pity

Creating a sculpture from such a large block of marble was never going to be easy. Here, over a five year span, we document with pictures, just what was involved, from the Michelangelo Quarry, where the block came from, to its completion five years later at the Michelangelo Studio, Carrarra, Italy

Since Antiquity, people associate special powers with precious and semi-precious stones. The purity of white marble is said to be especially powerful for meditation and the healing of injured souls. The interior Void of the Cloak, with the walls cut like diamonds, give visitors a first-hand experience of these forces.
The Void reminds us, that the essential nature of reality is emptiness, the very source of all life and all forms. Dharma kaya in Buddhism, Brahma in Hinduism, the Tao of Lao Tzu and the Soul in Christianism, pervade all material things in the Universe and reflect the enlightened wisdom in the human mind.
Compassion, Peace, Harmony are the attitudes much needed in our convulsed times. The “Cloak of Conscience” as “Philosophers Stone” shall guide us to find the path out of the current deadlock.
Every visitor will be able to experience the beneficial influence of the energy of the Cloak and achieve a state of emotional and intellectual enlightenment.