The Cloak

The Cloak

Public Sculpture

Author: Anna Chromy
Theme: Peace, Sorrow, Pity, Conscience
Location: See Public Sculpture, Google Maps
Copyright: © Anna Chromy
Year: 2015
Material: white marble Carrara
Size: 160h x 100 x 100 cm
Weight: 1.500 Kg.

Cloaks in marble are available in all desired dimensions

Prince Albert II of Monaco, who owns a Cloak in bronze in his Palace, decided that in addition to this acquisition, he would install a marble Cloak in the center of the town. As the monumental Cloak, weighing 100 tons, was too large he decided on a smaller version of the sculpture, created with the same white marble from the famous Cave Michelangelo in Carrara.

At the inauguration he had these beautiful words for the Cloak:

“The Cloak of Conscience invites us to reflect on what we are and on the profound meaning of our actions. Like the statue of Mozart’s Commander in Don Giovanni he impresses his message silently upon us. He reminds us that we have to find the answers and direction for our life in our deepest self”.

The Prince concluded with a quote by Victor Hugo: “Nothing can restrict the Conscience of Man, because man’s conscience is the Spirit of God”.

There is no better way to describe what Anna had in mind when she created this masterwork.

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