The Cloak of Saint Martin

The Cloak of Saint Martin

Public Sculpture

Author: Anna Chromy
Theme: Saint Martin of Tours
Location: See Public Sculpture, Google Maps
Copyright: © Anna Chromy, courtesy The Conscience Institute
Year: 2007
Material: Carrara marble, bronze
Size: 300h x 130 x 130 cm
Weight: 2.000 Kg.

The Cloak of Saint Martin is Anna Chromy’s symbol of sharing. When Saint Martin, at the time a Roman soldier, encountered a beggar freezing in the snow he took his sword, cut his coat in half and shared it with the poor man. The significance of this gesture has been underlined by the use of the same marble as for the Cloak of Conscience.

The Cloak in the form of a small Chapel also reminds us that the word “chapel” has developed from Saint Martin’s Cape.

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