The Cloak of Saint Martin in Cap Martin

Saint Martin is among the most popular Saints in Christian countries, from France to Argentina, due to his charitable feats and a simple lifestyle in line with the current Pope.

Born in 316 at Szombathely, today Hungary, St. Martin was first enrolled by his father into the Roman Legions. One winter night, at the age of 18, he met a poor man freezing and decided spontaneously to cut his military Cloak in two and share it with the poor. The following night Christ appeared in his dreams, dressed in this very Cloak, pointing Martin the path to his future.

At the age of 42, now out of the Legions, he travelled from Italy to France to meet up with his friend Hilaire, Bishop of Tours. Following the Roman Via Aureglia, he entered at Menton / Roquebrune the territory of Gaule /France. It was at this very point that the Municipality decided  in 2007 to install a sculpture by Anna Chromy representing the Cloak of Saint Martin.

The Church commemorates in 2016 the 1700th anniversary of the birth of the Saint and Anna Chromy’s symbolic sculpture is part of the celebration. The work shows the Cloak of Saint Martin cut in two, sculpted from the same white Carrara marble as Anna’s Cloak of Conscience. A small bronze sculpture at the top is a reminder of Anna’s work in the Saint Martin Chapel of the Basilica of Saint Francis at Assisi.

Anna Chromy Anna-Chromy-Cloak-st-martin The Cloak of Saint Martin in Cap Martin News

The Cloak of Saint Martin

Anna Chromy Le-Manteau-de-Saint-Martin The Cloak of Saint Martin in Cap Martin News

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