Some thoughts about Covid 19

Some thoughts about Covid 19

As we are all locked up in this terrible experience together, wherever we live, our sadness about the loss of our dears and our fury about the incompetence of the people elected to protect us, should not leave us without hope. Hope that this global disaster will have at the end some beneficial effects:

A social and economic system less centered on egotism, profit and property, and more directed towards the real needs of the people and community. 

Just one example: What’s the use of an aircraft carrier in a social crisis like this, even if the staff is not infected? Would it not have been more sensible to stock facemasks and other medical equipment for an emergency like this? All leaders know that these pandemics are a recurrent problem and will get worse over time due to our destruction of the environment.


What artists can do in such difficult situations is to help to divert your thoughts a little bit from all the problems, by contemplating a beautiful piece of art and contributing with their philosophy to give you Hope.

The painter and sculptor Anna Chromy is doing just this.


Consult the new homepage of her foundation. You will find beautiful works in the Collection of the Foundation, you will find premonitory thoughts in the Chromatology paintings, and you will of course see her masterwork the Cloak of Conscience.

The Cloak is conceived as the universal Symbol of a new Moral and Ethical Conscience, he gives as Hope and will always remind us not to repeat the errors who have led to the current disaster. 

Stay well and cheer up. After all, we are a resilient species.

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