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Bipa Player

Public Sculpture

Author: Anna Chromy
Theme: Music
Location: See Public Sculpture, Google Maps
Copyright: © Anna Chromy, courtesy The Conscience Institute
Year: 2015
Material: bronze, color patina
Size: 180h x 70 x 70 cm
Weight: 150 Kg.

THE YELLOW RIVER, Cradle of Chinese Civilization.

From the earliest times in the history of humankind, water, in the form of lakes, seas, and especially rivers, has played an essential role in the development of civilization. This is a truth universal to cultures throughout the world. And the great amount of archeological information available about ancient Chinese civilization tells us that their ways of life were greatly influenced by the Yellow and Yangtze River civilizations. The Yellow River, in particular, was essential to the development of Chinese civilization.

For thousands of years, the river has been known as the mother river of the Chinese nation, both in the writings of poets and scribes, and in the hearts of the Chinese people. Almost all Chinese people see themselves as the children of the Yellow River. It is said that Egypt is the gift vouchsafed by the Nile. If there were no Nile, then it is hard to see how there could be an Egyptian civilization. The Yellow River has the same relationship with China. If China had no Yellow River, the Chinese wouldn’t have a place to focus their spiritual energies upon.

From the Xia (21st-16th century BC) and Shang (16th-11th century BC) Dynasties to the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the Yellow River area was always at the center of politics, economy and culture. In addition, in terms of science and technology, this area has always been in a leading position. There are many ingredients of Yellow River civilization, such as potteries, silks, bronze, figurines, and so on. Commonly, it came into being between the year 4,000 BC and 2,000 BC, which covered a period of over 2,000 years. The overwhelming Yellow River is the symbol of the Chinese nation. I have symbolized this great river as a female Bipa Player.