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The Silk Road by Anna Chromy


In 2013, President Xi Ping of China presented for the first time his plans for “One Belt, One Road”, the “Silk Road” of the 21st century, linking China, Asia, Europe and Africa with modern infrastructures. Since then the project has taken its own momentum. The Belt and Road effort calls for the creation of six economic corridors, or areas that would link up to 65 countries by land and sea. These nations represent 60 percent of the world’s population and 30 percent of the world’s total economic production. China is proposing to provide $124 billion for the project.The plan also includes cooperation on scientific and social development. In 2015, the Chinese Government chose “Silk Road “as the theme of its official participation at Expo2015 Milano. To provide the symbol for the Pavilion they chose the sculpture “Silk Road” of Anna Chromy, a great honor indeed for a non-Chinese artist.

Anna Chromy The-Silk-Road-padiglione Silk road
Anna Chromy IMG_1318 Silk road
Anna Chromy The-Silk-Road_1 Silk road
Anna Chromy SILK-INAUG4 Silk road

Anna Chromy used as theme two bionic towers symbolizing the new city developments along the ancient road. The towers end in two stylized hands holding the world between them, as symbols for the Eastern and Western ends of the Road, connecting the two most advanced civilizations of that time. The towers are engraved with ornaments showing the caravans, which brought the silk and other goods from China to Europe. On top of the Globe flies the Angel of Peace, as a tribute to the City of Xi’an (“Eternal Peace”), the starting point of the Ancient Road.

Anna Chromy The-Silk-Road2 Silk road
Anna Chromy the-silk-road3 Silk road
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As Kazakhstan plays an increasingly important role as cornerstone of China’s “Belt and Road” project, Anna Chromy decided to present at Expo2017 Astana her plan for an enlarged version (10-meters) of her “Silk Road” sculpture to be placed at important locations of the ancient Road. With this initiative, Anna Chromy doubles the network created by her “Cloaks of Conscience”, a Symbol for Peace and Sustainable Development, which is also a major goal of the “Belt and Road” project. Together with the Artist department of Phoenix Satellite TV from China (global no.1 with 500 million viewers), Anna Chromy and The Conscience Institute, develop currently a project for a “Chromy Silk Road Award”, to honor outstanding personalities who favor through their work the peaceful cooperation of people and countries.

A small reproduction of the “Silk Road” sculpture will be used as the trophy, in the same way a small Cloak is used as the trophy for the original “Chromy Award”, which counts a substantial number of well-known personalities among its Laureates.

Anna Chromy Silk_Road-box Silk road
Anna Chromy SILK-INAUG6 Silk road

The Silk Road goes on

Presentation of the new SILK ROAD AWARD by Anna Chromy and Massimo Kazhimkan, Executive President of The Silk Road International Cultural & Economic Cooperation Organization, the first step to mark the important junctions of the New Silk Road with the symbolic sculpture of Anna Chromy.

Anna Chromy astana-1 Silk road
Anna Chromy astana-2 Silk road
Anna Chromy astana-3 Silk road
Anna Chromy silk-road-gm Silk road