Phoenix Media Center – Beijing

Phoenix Media Center – Beijing

Inauguration of the introduction of a Silk Road sculpture into the Permanent Collection of the Phoenix Media Center in Beijing. The event was presided by the Founder and Chairman LIU Changle and broadcast life on Phoenix Satellite TV.

On November 28, 2017, the Chairman of Phoenix Satellite TV, Mr. Liu Changle, welcomed the Silk Road sculpture of Anna Chromy into the Permanent Collection of the Phoenix Media Center in Beijing.

After the ceremony the CEO of Phoenix TV Art and Culture accompanied Anna Chromy and Wolfgang Stein for a visit to the private parts of the Forbidden City, accompanied by a camera team of Phoenix.

Phoenix TV: Le Fondateur et Président de Phoenix Satellite TV à Pékin reçoit des mains d’Anna Chromy une « Silk Road » pour la collection permanente de la chaine.

Phoenix TV : Interview chez Phoenix Satellite TV lors de l’introduction de la sculpture « Silk Road » dans la collection permanente du Phoenix Media Center.

Phoenix TV Culture Link Co., Ltd. & Phoenix Art

Phoenix Satellite Television

Phoenix Satellite Television is a world-famous chinese-language media bloc, with the philosophy of “reducing the distance within the global Chinese community and expressing the voice of Chinese to the world”, and striving to provide Chinese everywhere with high quality Mandarin Chinese television programming.

Through twenty-one years of hard work, Phoenix has developed from being a one- channel station to a multi-channel television broadcaster, with the Phoenix Chinese Channel, the Phoenix InfoNews Channel, the Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment Channel which broadcasts in Europe, the Phoenix North American Chinese Channel, the Phoenix Movie Channel and the Phoenix Hong Kong Channel. These six channels currently have an audience in excess of 520 million worldwide.

The Group’s Chinese Channel, InfoNews Channel, European Channel, American Channel, Movie Channel and Hong Kong Channel,carried on AsiaSat 7, China Sat-6B, EUROBIRD, Telsat-12, Directv, Echostar, G3-C, SATMEX-6, Bell ExpressVU and other broadcasting platforms, have achieved global coverage, with 56 news bureaus and production teams located worldwide. Phoenix has now evolved into clicking of all internet news providers, a weekly magazine, an outdoor Mega LED advertising business, and publishing, radio broadcasting, education projects, culture and game.

Over 20 years, Phoenix has settled in different regions, and owned properties in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, London, Los Angeles and Beijing.

Phoenix TV Culture Link Co., Ltd.

Phoenix TV Link culture is the cultural flagship platform of Phoenix Bloc. The model of Humanistic Business is an ecological system of consumption. It was launched by Phoenix Link, it combined the frontier technology with trans boundary strategy to offer all the consumers a whole new choice.

Phoenix Link has created the app ‘U-Salt’ to fulfill the needs of the new consuming generation in the big cities in China. ‘U-salt’ app is based on LBS technology to offer all kinds of the entertainment consumption choices in art, fashion and other cultural fields. It is really very popular in the young people. Besides, Phoenix Link is now applying superior resources of world famous art family and institution to let both academic and commercial organizations participate in the ecological system of Humanistic Business. Phoenix Link will also create a range of high-tech interactive show to accelerate the development of urban cultural tourism.

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