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Peace Drawings

Anna Chromy’s Peace drawings have preceded for many years her work on the “Cloak of Peace” or “Cloak of Conscience”


“Follow the voice of the Cloak – your Conscience – and open your heart. There is only one God, one Truth, not belonging to any particular religion or country.
Be peaceful; the contrary of Peace is chaos, not violence.
Be compassionate; the contrary of Love is indifference, not hate.
Be generous; to give is more rewarding than to take.
Tolerance and interior Peace are the preconditions for Peace between people”

Anna Chromy One-World Peace Drawings

One World

Anna Chromy My-Master Peace Drawings

My Master

Anna Chromy Messenger-of-Peace Peace Drawings

Messenger of Peace

Anna Chromy Peace-for-the-World Peace Drawings

Peace for the World

Anna Chromy Peace-on-Earth-I Peace Drawings

Peace on Earth I

Anna Chromy Peace-on-Earth-II Peace Drawings

Peace on Earth II

Anna Chromy Peace-on-Earth-III Peace Drawings

Peace on Earth III

Anna Chromy Peace-on-Earth-IV Peace Drawings

Peace on Earth IV