Monumental Sculptures

Monumental Sculptures

These sculptures can be sponsored as a group to be exposed in the Anna Chromy Museum, or acquired individually.

Myths of the Mediterranean

The Myths of Ancient Greece, the cradle of our Western civilization, explain the origins of the world. Their oldest known literary resources are Homer’s epic poems “Iliad” and “Odyssey”, with its hero “Ulysses”. 

The Myths were the first creation of the human mind, and they were formed out of a profound need to provide an allegorical explanation for all the phenomena of life. The awe man felt when faced by the uncontrollable forces of nature, his metaphysical anxieties, his awareness both of his weakness and of his uniqueness, and even the moral rules on which he based his own life and his communication with other human beings, – all these were expressed in magical narratives of symbolic content.







Olympic Spirit



Music of the Rivers

“I see in the Great Rivers of the World the Musical Instruments of Gaia, our Mother Earth.” Anna Chromy
The Rivers sing the eternal melody of life and they dance to the rhythms that mark the passage of the seasons. Before flowing away and disappearing into the infinity of the oceans, they cross time and space, nature and history without ever interrupting their concert.

Rivers have been important throughout history. The world’s first great civilizations arose in the fertile flood plains of the Nile, the Yellow River and others. The Rivers provided routes for trade, exploration and settlement, and their rushing waters provide power to keep our industries going.

But, above all we attribute mystical powers to the great Rivers. The ancient Greeks believed that five rivers encircled Hades, the Underworld. For Hindus the Ganges has purifying power. Although millions of people bath regularly in its waters, it does not usually spread cholera, typhoid, or other water-borne diseases.
Other Rivers are considered as Mother of their homeland, like Mother Volga or the Yellow River as Mother River of China. Famous songs have been dedicated to Rivers, such as the “Blue Danube” by Johann Strauss, “Ole Man River” to the Mississippi, “Yellow River” by the British band Christie, and many others.

We can therefore justifiably consider the great Rivers, which keep the world’s water cycle turning, as the source of all life on Earth. Their imaginary Music reminds us that we are the Guardians of Earth, not the owners. It is our duty to ensure that the Music can continue unperturbed for eternity.

Anna Chromy

Trumpet Player

Mandolin Player

Violin Player

Flute Player

Bipa Player




Don Giovanni

The Cloak bronze

Year: 2021
Material: bronze polished gold or patinated
Size: 125h x 85 x 120 cm
Weight: 100 Kg.
Plinth: 40h x 105 x 145 cm
Plinth Weight: 70 Kg.


The Group REFUGIES, composed of Masetto, Povertà and the Heart for Children, is a Memorial to the countless fugitives crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Our Heart goes out in particular Empathy to their suffering children, who see their whole life destroyed.


The Silk Road

The Chinese government chose the “SILK ROAD” as the official theme for the Chinese Pavilion in EXPO 2015 at Milano. Anna Chromy was honored to create the sculpture symbolizing the Silk Road for this participation.

The Silk Road