Massimo Ranieri

Massimo Ranieri

In Appreciation for her untiring efforts to bring new dignity to women in every aspect of life, at home and at the workplace, as wifes and mothers, citizens and entrepreneurs, to conquer not by force, but with irresistible love.

“The Versiliana Foundation in Marina di Pietrasanta invited Anna Chromy as Guest of Honor for its 2015 Summer Festival which, every year, hosts the big names of Italian entertainment and literature.
The park was adorned with several of her large sculptures (Prometheus and Gaia, amongst others) and the best performers, selected by the organizing committee, received the “Golden Dancer” from Anna.
There was one artist who stood out from the crowd – Massimo Ranieri. Through the sale of over 2 million CDs and countless public appearances, over the course of a career of 50 years, he has brought love, happiness and peace to the hearts of millions all over the world. To reward this career and his constant involvement in social and humanitarian projects, Anna Chromy and the Directors of the Conscience Institute decided to nominate him for a 2015 Chromy Award.
After a breathtaking evening performance as singer, dancer and poet, Massimo Ranieri received the Trophy in form of the “Cloak of Conscience” on 8th August from Anna Chromy, in the presence of the Mayor of Pietrasanta and the President of the Festival. “Happiness cannot be bought; it’s the result of a magic moment when all things are in harmony (this is the message of the Cloak).”


Massimo Ranieri was born in Naples and with Canzoni Napolitani he had his first successes when he was still very young. With roles in over 50 movies and a large number of stage plays he is one of the best known names in Italian entertainment. He worked with many famous directors, but had a special relationship with the great Giorgio Strehler.

A Chromy Dancer Award for Giacomo Agostini, the Multi-time Grand Prix champion, considered the greatest motorcycle racer of all times.

A Chromy Dancer Award for Momix, the Washington based contemporary dance company founded by Moses Pendleton.

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