Interview at the Phoenix Media Center

Interview at the Phoenix Media Center



At a Life Interview at the Phoenix Media Center in Beijing on December 1, 2017, the Host presented Anna Chromy as follows (translated from Mandarin):

“On November 14, 2017, in the fourth meeting of the China EU high level cultural exchange and dialogue, Liu Yandong – vice premier of the State Council of China, expressed the hope that the China-EU cultural exchange will develop according to the four friendly relationships of peace, growth, reform and civilization; that we will implement the “2020 China EU Strategic Cooperation Plan”, and enhance “The Belt, The Road” initiative to connect the development strategy with the EU, creating a positive energy.

China and Europe are both important origins of ancient world civilizations, and also vital economies of the modern world. Europe and China shall contact each other and push forward multi-aspect discussion to learn from each other, as great positive promoting powers to world peace. This also conforms to the spirit set by general secretary Xi Jingping “to respect the diversity of the world and to build a community of human combined destiny.”

In November 2017, the renowned European City Sculpture Artist, Anna Chromy visited China as China-EU cultural exchange envoy, introducing her work “Cloak of Conscience” to the National Museum of China and her “Silk Road” to Phoenix Satellite TV. She intends to use art works as bridge between Eastern and Western cultures in order to promote communication and development of Sino European cultural and artistic exchanges, and further promote high-level international cultural exchange”.

Purpose of the interview

From comprehending the creative inspirations and concepts of Anna Chromy’s art works to discuss the mutual understanding between eastern and western arts. Integration and collision. As China-EU cultural exchange envoy, Anna Chromy uses her art works to push forward the cooperation and communication between China and European countries.

(Phoenix Satellite TV is the largest network globally, with an audience in China of 300 million, and a total of 500 million).

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