Herbert von Karajan

Herbert von Karajan

Public Sculpture

Author: Anna Chromy
Theme: Music
Location: See Public Sculpture, Google Maps
Copyright: © Anna Chromy
Year: 2000
Material: bronze, color patina
Size: 180h x 70 x 50 cm
Weight: 150 Kg.

In 2000 the Karajan Foundation in Vienna decided to install portraits of the famous Austrian conductor Herbert von Karajan in all theatres where had spent an important part of his professional career.

They asked Anna Chromy to create this portrait, which now marks the place where he was laid to rest at the outskirts of his hometown, Salzburg.

In addition, the Foundation decided to install a life-size original of Karajan in front of his birthplace in Salzburg.

The portraits of famous personalities commissioned from Anna show a totally different artist in comparison to her other creations.

While her archetypes of Ancient Myths show no particular face, her commissions reveal an absolute mastery  in the realistic portrayal of the traits of a historical person.

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