Wolf Stein

With the funeral of Anna Chromy and the Requiem in Saint Peters Church and Cemetery in Salzburg Anna’s Life cycle has come to an end.
From now on her husband Wolfgang Stein will make sure that Anna’s artworks and philosophy will be available permanently to future generations.
This will be done by exposing the works in museums or virtually on the Internet. With the current problems of the world-wide pandemic the Internet is easier and less demanding than a visit to a museum or art gallery.
We invite you to participate in this effort according to your possibilities. You can buy one or several of Anna’s sculptures, paintings or drawings.

Requiem Mass for Anna Chromy in St. Peters Church, Salzburg

Wolfgang Stein, husband of Anna Chromy

Renata Sabongui

Wolfgang Stein, husband of Anna Chromy

Christian Thayer

Wolfgang Stein and Renata Sabongui