Fight the Trumpling Zeitgeist

Fight the Trumpling Zeitgeist

At a time when essential values are “trumpled” upon, my Cloak of Conscience will give you hope!
When I created in 1980 in the painting “To be or not to be” the image of the empty Cloak, I did not imagine how urgent this peace and conscience message would become today

When I began my career as a sculptor in 1990, the Cloak was my first work in bronze, and many of them have since been installed in symbolic locations throughout Europe

To be or not to be – 1980, oil on canvas, cm 100×100

In 2017, you will be able to contemplate new Cloaks in a variety of shapes and events:

A Cloak as “Commendatore” in the scenography

of the new Opera production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni, directed by Jean – Francois Sivadier at the Aix-en-Provence Festival (Première on 6 July).

A Cloak at my Exhibition of Monumental

sculptures at Parc Borely, Marseille, as part of “Marseille Capitale Européenne du Sport” (Inauguration May 2017).

A Cloak as part of my Exhibition

of the group “Musicians” at the Puccini Festival 2017 at Torre del Lago Puccini, Tuscany, accompanied by 25 Sketches for a Ballet “Madame Butterfly”, inspired by Puccini’s opera.

A large Cloak installed permanently

at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, where it will project its positive energy at the over one million patients treated each year in this world-renown hospital.

And finally, my large Cloak, in white marble from the Michelangelo Quarry in Carrara, will find its final location at a place to be disclosed in one of my next Newsletters. With a height of five meters and a weight of 50 tons, it offers a space where to scrutinize your conscience

For more information about the Cloak, search CLOAK OF CONSCIENCE on Google. The number of pages will surprise you.
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