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2016 Beijing – Anna Chromy at Phoenix International Media Center

For the commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the creation of Phoenix Media, the Chairman of China’s second nationwide television invited Anna Chromy to show her works in its new headquarters. Besides the main ceremony, attended by the political and business elite of China, Phoenix organizes a jubilee program stretched over several months, which will constitute a permanent showcase for Anna’s works.

Anna Chromy 2016_Beijing_alcyone 2016 Beijing
Anna Chromy 2016_Beijing_Phoenix_Satellite_Television 2016 Beijing

Phoenix Satellite TV started its Chinese Channels on 31 March 1996. It covers today more than 150 countries with an estimated audience of 300 million, half of them from Mainland China.
It was therefore natural that Phoenix decided in 2012 to move its headquarters from Hong Kong to Beijing.
In Chaoyang Park, leading Chinese architects have conceived a breathtaking design for the building, with large public spaces ideally suited for arts exhibitions.

Anna Chromy Chairman-Liu-open-speech 2016 Beijing

Chairman Liu open speech

Anna Chromy The-most-famous-TV-hostesses-Lu-Yu-Dou.-Wen-Tao-Xu-Ge-Hui- 2016 Beijing

The most famous TV hostesses Lu, Yu, Dou. Wen Tao, Xu, Ge Hui

Anna Chromy China-most-famous-actor-Mr.-Wang-Gang 2016 Beijing

China most famous actor Mr. Wang, Gang

Anna Chromy Wanda-Group-Chairman-Mr.-Wang-Joan-Lin 2016 Beijing

Wanda Group Chairman Mr. Wang, Joan Lin

Anna Chromy Phoenix-Group-Chairman-Liu-Chang-Le-was-explaining-the-development-of-Phoenix-group-in-the-pass-20-years. 2016 Beijing

Phoenix Group Chairman Liu, Chang Le was explaining the development of Phoenix group in the pass 20 years.

Anna Chromy Sally-wu 2016 Beijing

Ms. Sally Wu
Deputy Head of Phoenix InfoNews Channel

Ms. Song, Zu Ying
Chinese 1st lever soprano singer, representative of the National People’s congress for 9th, 10th, 11th session of the CPPCC actionable committee, vice chairman of the standing committee of the national youth, executive committee China Female federation

Anna Chromy yang-Lan 2016 Beijing

Mrs. Yang, Lan
China most famous TV host, media person, media entrepreneur, philanthropist, Chairman of Sunshine Media Investment Group, chairman of Sunshine Culture Foundation, member of the CPPCC national committee of the 10th, 11th, 12th

Mr. Wu, Zheng
Founder of the Sunshine Media Investment Group, founder of Hongshan Capital Group

Mr. Zhu, Jun
China famous TV host, painter, writer, standing committee of the China Youth Federation, director of the China central television announcer,  member of China Artists Association

Anna Chromy 2016_Beijing_img_7629 2016 Beijing
Anna Chromy 2016_Beijing_img_7631 2016 Beijing
Anna Chromy 2016_Beijing_img_7627 2016 Beijing
Anna Chromy 2016_Beijing_img_7626 2016 Beijing
Anna Chromy 2016_Beijing_img_7624 2016 Beijing
Anna Chromy phoenix-international-media-center-u250613 2016 Beijing
Anna Chromy phoenix_international_media_center_u050112_16 2016 Beijing
Anna Chromy phoenix_international_media_center_u050112_17 2016 Beijing
Anna Chromy 2016_Beijing_img_7625 2016 Beijing
Anna Chromy 2016_Beijing_img_7623 2016 Beijing
Anna Chromy 2016_Beijing_img_7628 2016 Beijing