ELO and KAQUN Water world-wide

ELO and KAQUN Water world-wide

DR. ROBERT LYONS AND OLIVIA LUM, OWNERS OF KAQUN AND ELO WATER select Anna Chromy and her works as Testimonial for the Oxygen Water.

After having signed a Testimonial and Endorsement agreement with Kaqun Water for Europe, Russia, and the Americas, Anna Chromy has now signed a similar agreement with ELO Water for Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. ELO Water is a subsidiary of Hyflux Ltd. Which is listed on the Singapore stock market.
The agreement was signed at the inauguration of the first Asian ELO Lab in Singapore, and the opening of the first production unit for the Water with a capacity of 100.000 bottles a day.
Anna Chromy is herself a long-time user of ELO and Kaqun oxygen water and can testify to the beneficial effects on well-being and health.
Anna has accepted this exceptional Endorsement, authorizing ELO and KAQUN to use her works in the promotion of the Water, because the Founders and CEO’s of the two companies, Dr. Robert Lyons and Mrs. Olivia Lum share the philosophy expressed in her works, that we all shall use our conscience to help others lead a better and happier life.

Olivia Lum, Founder and CEO of Hyflux Group www.hyflux.com and ELO Water www.elowater.com, with Anna Chromy and Wolfgang Stein.



Two novel and highly effective approaches to CURE BODY AND SOUL


The beneficial effect of Kaqun and Elo is based on the so-called Warburg Axiom. Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Otto H Warburg discovered that cancer cells cannot survive in the presence of high oxygen levels: “All normal cells have a requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen – a rule without exception. Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous”.
To avoid hypoxia, it is therefore essential to supply enough oxygen to the cells. KAQUN and ELO Water use a revolutionary technology, where oxygen exists in a stable and bound form in the water, allowing the body a quick absorption of the oxygen by the body, through bath and drinking water. Kaqun and Elo Drinking Water’s unique composition and qualities are backed by more than ten years of water science.
To find out more: www.kaqun.eu; www.elowater.com; cnshop.elowater.com.cn


Anna Chromy has created the Cloak of Conscience as the center of her Conscience Art. The Cloak is clouded in mystery. It conveys the strange feeling of something we cannot penetrate, an energy that does not belong to ourselves. Its void reminds us that the essential nature of reality is emptiness, the very source of all life and all forms: Dharmakaya in Buddhism, Brahma in Hinduism, the Tao of Lao Tzu and the Soul in Christianism, pervade all material things in the Universe and reflect the enlightened wisdom in the human mind.
According to Albert Einstein, “The most beautiful experience we can have in life is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science”.
Anna’s Cloaks, in whatever size and material, allow everybody to share this healing effect for mind and soul. Obviously, the most compelling experience is to enter the large Cloak and experience its void. The purity of white marble is considered to be especially powerful for meditation and the healing of injured souls. All Cloaks, whether installed in public locations, or  on your desk at home, are quantistically linked to the large Cloak, forming a global network of forces for peace and love. Many testimonials by visitors to Cloaks installed in prominent locations testify to the soothing effect of the Cloaks to soul and mind.
More at: 
www.annachromy.com/the-cloak and www.annachromy.com/public-sculptures


Anna Chromy has experienced firsthand the beneficial effects of Kaqun and Elo Water on her health. She has seen many other patients helped by the Water. She shares with the founders and owners of the Water, Dr. Robert Lyons and Mrs. Oivia Lum, the philosophy that we shall all use our conscience to help others lead a better and happier life. With her art and In her mission as Health Ambassador Anna Chromy tries to do just that.

Major General James W . Comstock, Advisor Kaqun USA 2


“Several years ago, my doctor in Monaco made a rather pessimistic assessment of the years I had left to live, unless I took drastic measures to improve my health.
My work as a sculptor of bronze and marble seemed to have used-up all my energy. This warning changed my attitude and I decided to fight for my well-being with the same energy I had invested in my sculptures.
At that time, I had the good fortune to meet Robert Lyons at a Kaqun presentation in Milano. I showed him my blood tests and asked him if he thought Kaqun could do something for me. His response was positive and since this time, we are coming on a regular basis to Kerepes to soak in the water, and at home, we only drink Kaqun.
Every time I complete a bath session of two weeks, I feel more energetic and all the values in my blood analyses improve, showing a better immunity. Over the years, Robert and I realized that we shared a common philosophy and the belief that we are in this world with a purpose. Therefore, when he asked me if I would be willing to serve as Ambassador for the healing effects of the water I gladly agreed.
With my art, I try to appeal to the conscience of all citizens to see the beauty in life and to help others. I have created the Chromy Award for outstanding personalities who share these beliefs and are examples for others. In 2014, this prestigious award went to Dr. Lyons. We agree that we have to react and to transform the seeds of change into a better tomorrow for everyone.
It took Robert many years to bring the development of Kaqun to the point where it is now. It took me many years to develop my Conscience Art to the state where it is now. Can we really change the world around us and awaken our conscience? It seems impossible, not within our reach. Even trying seems Utopian.
However, I took up the challenge with the creation of my Cloak of Conscience, carved into 250 tons of white marble from the famous Michelangelo quarry in Carrara, the largest single block ever transformed into sculpture. A work of art that required deep conviction and the dedication to a selfless and prolonged effort, which earned me as first woman the famous Michelangelo Award”.

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