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The Mirror

Anna Chromy The-Mirror The Mirror

2012 – oil on canvas, 200×160 cm / 79×63 in

“You know my judgement on the enterprise called Life: There are only two things. Two. The only two things that transform us into beings capable and worthy of surmounting all that reduces us to being undistinguishable from all others: Love and Work. But to give them an extreme and new sense, combined, Love becoming Work”. Paul Valérie

Pointing out my Cloak to my companion I look into the Mirror of fifty years of togetherness in love. Three times in my life I had a close brush with death, and it was the love for my companion and creation as a whole which helped me to overcome my suffering. After the last incident, this deep experience led to the birth of the Cloak, a sculpture empty only in appearance, but filled with our Soul and our Conscience.

In this work my Love has become my Work, which certainly helps to explain its attraction to every viewer. Many people today feel discouraged and disoriented. They are convinced they are powerless and therefore don’t even try. When I decided to create my Cloak from a single block of white Carrara marble, with a weight of 250 tons, many people thought I had definitely gone over-the-top. When I showed them that I was able to brave the harsh Tuscan winter, with temperatures of minus 20 centigrade and the burning summers with up to 40, for four long years, the incredulity changed into respect.

It is this enthusiasm, this Divine Energy, which I want to share with everybody who sees my Cloak, and tell them: You can do it as well. Standing in front of the Cloak, as in this painting, one feels a sense of mystery. For Albert Einstein “the most beautiful experience we can have in life is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of all true art”. The dramatic, musically flowing folds of the Cloak help us to perceive this message. They convey a feeling of warmth and beauty, and induce love into our hearts, a true mirror of our soul. Once you step inside the Cloak you get a strange feeling of something impenetrable, an energy which does not belong to us. It is an energy and magnetism which helps us to open our spiritual faculty of regeneration and allows us to perceive the hidden, eternal, truth.