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Joanna Wang Man Li

In Appreciation for her untiring efforts to bring new dignity to women in every aspect of life, at home and at the workplace, as wifes and mothers, citizens and entrepreneurs, to conquer not by force, but with irresistible love.

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On 16 July 2016, Anna Chromy attended, upon invitation of the President of the Asian Pacific Famous Female Federation, their first convention “One Road and one Belt” at Shenzhen. At this occasion, Anna honored the President of the organization, Manli Wang, with the Chromy Award 2016, and was appointed in return Ambassador for Monaco and Honorary President of this powerful Federation of 6.000 leading women.


Chairman of Asia-Pacific Outstanding Female Union, senior female entrepreneur, engaged in advanced studies of executive management education program for brand leadership in Very Inspiring Professionals (VIP) and HEC Paris (No. I business college in the world In 2014 – exetutive management education program ranking of Financial Times/ No. I business college In Europe/ with schoolfellows like French president) and president seminar in Tsinghua University.
As the leader of many group companies, Miss Wang Is beautiful and smart. She has senses of social responsibility and shows great enthusiasm in public welfare. She has been doing her best to promote the economic cooperation and development of Asia Pacific. In terms of business management, she has always pursued the nature of strongman and has always advocated the philosophy of ”only talents for job engagement” to inspire employees. “People-oriented, technology and innovation” are the core values of the group companies which adhere to the corporate development philosophy of ”people-oriented” whilst adhering to the corporate development spirit of innovation. With regard to employees, the group companies have always adopting the talent introduction and fostering mode of “all-embracing, open and free”, focusing on their corporate senses of honor, responsibility and belonging, providing them with a very competitive and pioneering entrepreneurial platform, and encouraging management innovation, operation innovation and technology innovation.


• 5th Session of ”Top I 0 Outstanding Female Entrepreneurs of Shenzhen City”
• 2nd Session of ”Top I 0 Leaders in Quality of Shenzhen City”
• Chinese Ambassador of Europe China Image Film Festival (the UK)
• International Honorary Ambassador of VIP (France)
• 2015 Loving People Contribution Award of Shenzhen City
• Ambassador of the Ist Shenzhen Aging International Expo
• Honorary Award of Asian Successful Smart Women (Thailand)
• Award of Most Creative Women Entrepreneurs in Asia (Indonesia)
• 2016 China Brand Female One Belt and One Road Outstanding
Contribution Award
• Highest Honor Awarded by King Sihanouk of Cambodia in 2007 (Cambodia)
• Best Media Award of Global Golden Brand Award (Malaysia)
• Outstanding Contrition Award for Asian Smart Female Development
• China Well-off Love and Health Ambassador (Beijing)
• Asian Smart Women, Charity and Love Ambassador
• Excellent Contribution Award of World Artists Association & UN Artists Association
• Caring Mother Honorary Award of Chinese Dream World-as-Family
• Celebrity Charity Ambassador
• “Most Marketable Design Award” of 2013 Beijing International
Contemporary Metal Art Exhibition
• Special Award of Achievement of Insider

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