Artdaily, January 2016

Artdaily, January 2016

LONDON.- Leading Chinese art curators and VIPs have been full of praise for the sculptures and pictures of Anna Chromy, currently being exhibited in Beijing. Anna is best known in Britain for the sculpture of three athletes that stood outside the athletes village at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, where the Chinese first saw her work.

In 2012 the President of the British Olympic Committee, Lord Moynihan, invited Anna to design the sculpture for the athletes Olympic village which was thought by many athletes to be lucky and as such was much touched during the games. It stood in front of the Team GB accommodation. Her artistic awards include: the Prize Salvador Dali, Kafka and Masaryk and the much coveted Premio Michelangelo – awarded to a woman for the first time.

Now the Chinese have fallen in love with her work and are honouring her with the first solo artist exhibition for a Westerner at the hugely prestigious National Museum which fronts onto Tiananmen Square. This compliment follows on from a previous Chinese visit where Anna was the Guest of Honor of the Guangzhou Arts Fair. Her sculpture, the Violinist Player, was displayed on all official announcements, posters and programs.

It is clear that she has had a major impact among key arts celebrities in China. Some of the praise for her work on display in Beijing includes these comments:

Wan Siquian, former Deputy-Mayor of Beijing, responsible for the construction of the Olympic Facilities and the National Grand Theatre: “During my time as coordinator for the construction of the Beijing Olympics 2008 buildings and the Center for the Performing Arts, I was in charge of the sculpture program as well. In all these years, I have not come across works as powerful and elegant as seen now in Anna’s exhibition in the National Museum of China. Ten years earlier and the City of Beijing would be full of her works. I deeply regret that I have only met Anna Chromy now.”

Wu Zhuyou, Director of the Counsellors Office at the State Council, says: “Anna Chromy has been welcomed in the circle of our Grand Masters. I have seen her magnificent “Silk Road” sculpture in the China Pavilion of Expo 2015 in Milano, dealing in a masterly way with the terrestrial version of the Road. I also appreciated her medals of honor for the Chinese Tea Growers Association. We will now commission her to create a symbol for the maritime Silk Road as well.”

Fang Shao, Chairman of China Central Place, Beijing’s most exclusive real estate development: “Five years ago, when I opened China Central Place, I launched a public tender for sculptures to go on our central squares. There was no proposal, which would satisfy me. Therefore, the places are still naked. I am glad to have found now, in Anna Chromy, an artist whose works do justice to the beauty of our buildings and will add an extra European touch to them.”

Wu Weishan, Director of the National Art Museum of China in Being, Director of the City Sculpture Committee of China, Director of the National Sculpture Academy, Commissioner of Anna Chromy’s exhibition in the National Museum of China, and one of China’s greatest sculptors, comments: “Anna Chromy and I have become good friends who talk about the deepest thoughts in our mind. Anna is actively engaged in China’s City Sculpture development and has participated in several projects. She loves our Eastern philosophical masters Lao-Tzu and Confucius, which in her words “give her energy for her conscience project. I feel that her art is a research on the questions of life and death and the quest for the ultimate value of our existence. An approach which has her made many friends in China”.

Wang Chunchen, Head Curator of the Art Museum of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Assistant curator of the Broad Museum in Los Angeles and Curator of Anna’s exhibition in the National Museum in Beijing: “Anna Chromy’s sculptures testify to her classical culture with its universal value of divine life. It is this set of values which contemporary art should transform into new creations. Building on the past imagining the future. For me there is no better description of Anna Chromy’s works. Her exhibition in Beijing gives us a great opportunity to connect to classic European paradigms and inheritance. She is the perfect example for our young sculptor generation. In an increasingly virtual world, without roots or boundaries, it is important to give young people something to touch and to relate to.”

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