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Project Description


Cloak of Conscience



Year: 1993
Material: bronze
Size: 125h x 85 x 120 cm
Weight: 100 Kg.

Cloaks in polished or patinated bronze are available in all desired dimensions

First born to symbolize transience in one of my paintings in 1980, the Cloak that drapes emptiness is the living proof that there is nothing fuller than the void. It contains our soul, our compassion, our sufferings, all the things we cannot touch but all those that we feel. It is therefore no surprise that the Cloak has taken on a different meaning in each of the symbolic locations where it has been installed:

In Prague, in front of Stavovske divadlo, the Mozart opera house, it is the “Commendatore” from Mozart’s Don Giovanni, the instrument of a mysterious supernatural justice on earth.

In Salzburg, in front of the Cathedral, the seated silhouette, so grave and compact in its solemn immobility, seems more feminine than masculine. A mourning mother, petrified by anguish for her lost son.