BEIJING, ATHENS, PARIS, PRAGUE and many other cities have hosted the sculptural work of Anna Chromy, over the last  20 years, either through exhibitions or through permanent installations in museums and public spaces. They had thus a chance to get involved with the mystical content of these creations and the universal values which they portray. The reactions of visitors to these exhibitions have been overwhelming.

Anna Chromy’s sculptures are not just aesthetically beautiful, but they all tell a story based on our historic and cultural heritage. They express universal values, such as love, compassion and peace of mind, and portray them in a contemporary way. The locations are carefully selected and each sculpture varies in its meaning according to the location and its “genius locis”.

2019 Pisa

2019 Cascina

2017 Astana

2017 Torre del Lago

2016 Beijing

2015 Beijing

2014 Cap Ferrat

2013 Shangai

2013 Beijing

2012 Foshan

2011 Saint Tropez

2009 Beijing

2007 Athens

2005 Paris

2005 Guangzhou

2004 Pietrasanta

2000 Prague

1996 Monte Carlo