Pioneer in China

Pioneer in China

It has taken Anna Chromy ten years of hard work to get to the point where she is now acknowledged by  major arts curators and the interested public in China as a “Pioneer”, somebody who sets standards of what is currently popular or fashionable in the arts and design worlds.
This achievement became evident with her invitation as the first Western artist to hold a personal exhibition in the National Museum of China on Tiananmen Square in Beijing in October 2015, curated by three of the most respected personalities in the Chinese arts scene.
Anna’s status is also underlined by the fact that several museums and private entrepreneurs have selected her works for permanent installation, making her the Western artist with the largest number of public sculptures in China (similar to Europe where she is no. 1 with 60 works).
One particularly remarkable aspect of those installations is the inclusion of marble sculptures, because the traditional precious material in Chinese sculpture is Jade. Marble is seen as a prestigious building material, used until now for decoration purposes only. Anna Chromy is changing this perception with works such as the “Sunshine Goddess” or  “Eurydice”.
Anna was also retained by the Ministry in charge of the China Pavilion at Expo 2015 in Milan to illustrate the massive international infrastructure project launched by the President of the Republic under the motto “One Belt, One Road”. It follows the traces of the old “Silk Road”, which allowed trade and cultural exchanges between the two major civilizations of the past, China and Europe. A foreign artist creating the symbol for a national pavilion was a unique feat at Expo 2015.
It is therefore no surprise that Phoenix Satellite Television, which covers all of China and the Chinese speaking communities worldwide, chose Anna Chromy as the Icon for its 2015 “Ideas without Borders” series focusing on France. In addition, they invited Anna to show her works for six months at the Phoenix Center in Beijing, supported by a promotional campaign of Anna Chromy.
“In November 2017 Anna had the honor to install a Cloak of Conscience in the Entrance Hall of the National Museum in Beijing, which led to another series of reports by Phoenix TV.”

November 2021

This is a tribute to the world greatest artist, Anna! Love forever, your friends.

November 2017

At a Life Interview at the Phoenix Media Center in Beijing on December 1, 2017, the Host presented Anna Chromy as follows (translated from Mandarin): […]


April 2016

For the commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the creation of Phoenix Media, the Chairman of China’s second nationwide television invited Anna Chromy to show her works in its new headquarters. Besides the main ceremony, attended by the political and business elite of China, Phoenix organizes a jubilee program stretched over several months, which will constitute a permanent showcase for Anna’s works.

October 2015

Solo Exhibition at the National Art Museum of China upon the invitation of Director Chen Luchen, organized by the City Sculpture committee of China.
Wu Weishan, the Director of the National Art Museum of China in Beijing is the Commissioner. Wang Chunchen, the Curator of the Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and Curator of the Broad Museum in Los Angeles is the Curator of the exhibition. Phoenix Satelite TV invites Anna as Guest of Honor to their “Ideas without Borders” program.

July 2015

Sunshine installs the 10-meter high “Sunshine Goddess” as company symbol at the entrance gate of the new headquarters, followed by a fountain with the five Musicians or “Music of the Rivers”, and several smaller “Sunshine Goddess” sculptures for their regional offices.


Participation in the Beijing Art Fair.
Anna is appointed by the President of CCTV as the only foreign Judge of the National Sculpture Competition of China.


Anna receives a commission by Sunshine Insurance Group, the no. 3 in China, to adorn their new headquarters in Beijing with eight of her monumental sculptures.


Personal exhibition at the Art Museum of Foshan near Guangzhou. Anna is received by the National Sculpture Association of China as “Honorary Fellow” and her “Olympic Spirit” joins the collection of the Association’s Museum.


Installation of “Galileo Galilei” in the new Science City in Guangzhou.


Personal exhibition in the Art Space of the Beijing Clubhouse of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.


Participation in the Shanghai Art Fair.


The Art Museum of Guangzhou, the third largest in China, acquires “Sisyphus” and “Carmen” for its collection.

December 2005

Anna is the “Guest of Honor” of the Guangzhou Art Fair.

June/July 2005

Exhibition of 24 monumental sculptures on Place Vendôme in Paris, covered among others by CCTV and Phoenix, the two national Chinese networks.