Anna Chromy, a world-renowned sculptor and painter, dies at 81

On Saturday, September 18, Anna Chromy died in her sleep. Chromy was a world-renowned artist, sculptor and painter, who was born in Bohemia, but lived her life and artistic career all over Europe.

She started her artistic career as a painter, impressing with her art even a figure as impressive as Salvador Dalí, who did not respect female artists. She transferred to sculpting due to an accident preventing her to stand in front of an easel. However, it was with sculpting that she reaped even greater success.

Anna Chromy has created the largest statue from one piece of marble – the 50 ton Cloak of Conscience. The marble came from the famous Carrara marble, used by Michelangelo. This statue was worked from the inside and outside. Because of this impressive piece, she was the first woman in history to win the Michelangelo prize for working with marble.

Pope John Paul II., Pope Benedict XVI., Albert II. Prince of Monaco and Charles Prince of Wales were among admirers of her art, as well as members of the artistic world.

Her last exhibit, Archetipi Spirituali, took place in Pisa, in September 2019.

Anna Chromy was survived by her husband, Wolfgang Stein.

Anna Chromy Museum Endowment Fund was founded to preserve Anna’s legacy. We are currently working on finding a permanent home for Anna’s work, to continue spreading Anna’s message of ethical and moral conscience, peace and love. 

To aid us in our efforts, we greatly appreciate donations to the Anna Chromy Museum Endowment Fund.*

IBAN CZ60 0800 0000 0020 7125 0233


*Check with your local administrations about making your donation tax-deductible. 

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