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The artwork and sculpture of Anna Chromy has been featured in publications across the world.
Many art critics have also written about her work and voiced their opinions to the press.
Following is a selection from the large choice of articles.

Phoenix Satellite Television 20th Anniversary

Wu Weishan, Curator of the National   Art Museum of China

Wang Chunchen, Curatorial Research Dept CAFA Art Museum of China

Shao Wei, Chair, British Chinese Collectors Association

Draft Peter Harris speech at the National Museum

Antonio Paolucci, Director Vatican Museum

Stefano Zecchi, President of the Academy of Fine Art “Brera”, Milan

Marco Gallo, Art Critic

Lodovico Gierut, Journalist and art critic

Lodovico Gierut, Anna Chromy completezza d’artista

Lodovico Gierut, L’Arte del dare

Lodovico Gierut, L’Arte di Anna Chromy

Giuseppe Cordoni, Art critic

Giuseppe Cordoni, Art critic

Giuseppe Cordoni, Art critic

Giuliano Amato, Ex-Prime Minister of Italy

Professor Riccardo Varaldo, President Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

Swarovsky and Anna Chromy: Shared cultural roots and values

Eduard Christoph Heinisch, April 1999 (de)

Le Figaro, March 1996 (fr)

Correo del Arte, July-September 1992 (es)

Formas Plasticas, June 1992 (es)