Monthly:July 2016

Joanna Wang Man Li

Joanna Wang Man Li July 16, 2016 In Appreciation for her untiring efforts to bring new dignity to women in every aspect of life, at home and at the workplace, as wifes and mothers, citizens and entrepreneurs, to conquer not by force, but with irresistible love. Joanna-Wang-1Joanna-Wang-2Joanna-Wang-3Joanna-Wang-4 BIOGRAPHY Chairman of Asia-Pacific Outstanding Female Union, senior female entrepreneur, engaged in advanced studies of executive management education program for brand leadership in Very Inspiring Professionals (VIP) and HEC Paris (No. I business […]

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Asian Pacific Famous Female F.

Asian Pacific Famous Female F. 16 Luglio, 2016 On 16 July 2016, Anna Chromy attended, upon invitation of the President of the Asian Pacific Famous Female Federation, their first convention “One Road and one Belt” at Shenzhen. At this occasion, Anna honored the President of the organization, Manli Wang, with the Chromy Award 2016, and was appointed in return Ambassador for Monaco and Honorary President of this powerful Federation of 6.000 leading women.

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