Anna Chromy’s life as artist in chronological order

Anna Chromy has been showered with honors and distinctions over the course of her long career, such as the Michelangelo Award in Tuscany and the Dali and Kafka Prizes in Prague. She was made an Honorary Fellow of the National Sculpture Association of China in Beijing and she has been invited to show her works in prestigious places, such as Place Vendôme in Paris, and major museums, such as the National Museum of China in Beijing. Anna is the artist with the largest number of works (70) installed in Museums and other Public Locations of cultural and historic significance, all to be viewed on Google Maps.
Anna Chromy is best known as the creator of the monumental Cloak of Conscience, the largest sculpture ever carved into a single bloc of marble (250 tons).

In this way a Cloak of Conscience installed at Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius, at Salzburg Cathedral or the Prague Opera house is always the symbol of conscience but portrays different aspects of the question, which can lead to various names for the same work of art. In China, where Anna was invited as the first foreign sculptor to join the Chinese Academy of Sculpture, her work is mainly perceived as a message of peace and harmony, whereas in places of Christian worship the Cloak expresses sorrow and compassion.

In Greece and Italy, the cradle of Western sculpture, Anna is seen as a truthful successor to the old masters, combining their aesthetics with today techniques. This sympathetic way of working has gained her the prestigious “Premio Michelangelo”.  Many of her themes are based on the Antique Myths, – tales which have kept their relevance in our days. Myths show us functions of the human spirit which existed during centuries in all parts of the world and which can therefore be considered a basic ingredient of human behavior. (Levy Strauss).

Many modern day Ulysses experience the same errant temptations as their illustrious forbearer and the athletes of today’s games are fired by the same will to challenge destiny as the participants of the Antique Olympics. There can be no better place imagined for Anna’s Ulysses than their actual locations overlooking the Mediterranean, and for her Olympic Spirit; the venues of past and future Olympic Games.  Her interpretation of Europe, the myth that gave its name to a continent, is obviously placed in the Capitol of United Europe and her Musicians adorn a fountain in the most musical city in the world – Prague.  In Prague, where she received prestigious awards, like the Masaryk, Dali and Kafka Prices, Anna  is mainly perceived as a worthy interpreter of the ultimate questions posed by the Alchemists, the Golem, Mozart’s Don Giovanni and Kafka himself.

A key event in Anna Chromy’s life was the encounter with the “Mythe de Sisyphe” and the “Homme Revolté” of Albert Camus, the French writer and philosopher with the largest international following of any French author. With these two works Camus has defined the modern “hero”, not as somebody who conquers and triumphs, but as somebody who reaches his goal with sheer persistence, “Yes we can”.  Anna’s Sisyphus and Prometheus sculptures are moving interpretations of this spirit.  Camus’ departure point is the “absurd”, the divorce between the individual and the world, but his guide is his conscience.  A conscience which  Anna exemplifies in her most important work, her legacy, the Cloak of Conscience, a sculpture which appeals to our sense that “Yes we can… change ourselves and the world”.


✝︎ September 18th, 2021

• Founding of the Anna Chromy Museum Endowment Fund
• W.A. Mozart’s Don Giovanni in Stavovske divadlo Prague with the Cloak as Commendatore

• Exhibition Anna Chromy in St. Petersburg cancelled because of Corona Virus

• Pisa, Tuscany, City Center, Sculpture Exhibition “Spiritual Archetypes”
• Cascina, Tuscany, Summer Festival Site, Sculpture Exhibition “Music Of The Rivers”
• Menton, Cote d’Azur, First “Biennale of Arte Sacra”, Presentation of the “Cloak Of Conscience” Project
• A Cloak installed at the Hadassah Medical Center at Ein Kerem, Jerusalem
• Chromy Award 2018 to former Supreme Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein at Jerusalem

• Anna Chromy “Guest of Honor” at the Kaqun Congress at the Royal Society of Medicine in London
• “Riviera Insider” and “Riviera Zeit” magazines use Anna Chromy’s sculptures as cover pages
• Museo Virtuale della Scultura e dell’Architettura (MUSA), Pietrasanta, invites Anna Chromy for an evening “Conversazione con l’Artista”
• Creation of the Series “Heroes of the Past and Today”
• Installation of a Cloak of Conscience in the newly created “Garden of Contemplation” at Redding, Connecticut, USA
• Phoenix TV organizes a trip to Bengbu, possible site for an Anna Chromy Museum in China
• Phoenix TV promotes Anna Chromy and her art on all Social Networks in China
• Phoenix Satellite TV publishes the full Website of Anna Chromy in Chinese

• Creation of “Anna Chromy Channel” on YouTube with 60 videos
• Chromy Award for Valery Gerghiev, Conductor and Director of Mariinsky Theatre St. Petersburg
• Anna Chromy presents Cloak of Conscience at Dreamersday 2017, Milano
• A Cloak of Conscience becomes part of the Permanent Collection of the National Museum of China in Beijing
• A Silk Road sculpture becomes part of the Permanent Collection of Phoenix Satellite TV
• The Cloak of Conscience as Commendatore in new production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni at Aix-en-Provence Festival 2017
• Anna Chromy Sculpture Exhibition at Puccini Festival 2017, Torre del Lago Puccini, Tuscany
• Exhibition Drawings “Madame Butterfly Revisited by Anna Chromy” at Puccini Festival, Torre del Lago (Lu)
• Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori, Milano, published book “Madame Butterfly Revisited by Anna Chromy”
• Installation of Gluck sculpture at City of Berching, Bavaria
• Installation of a Franz Schubert sculpture at the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
• Installation of a bronze portrait of Dr. Hans Krueger at Anif/Salzburg

• The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem invites Anna Chromy and her husband to follow the Easter Celebrations as his personal guests.
• Golden Medal of Prague I (Honorary citizenship of the historic Old town)
• Chromy Award for Joanna Wang Man Li (Shenzhen / Hong Kong)
• Anna Chromy Honorary President APFFF (Asia Pacific Famous female Federation)
• AZUR TV Interview with Mayor of Menton
• Anna Chromy Health Ambassador for ELO and KAQUN Oxygen Water
• Exhibition at Phoenix International Media Center, Beijing

• Installation of a C.W.Gluck at the Willibald-Gluck-Gymnasium at Neumarkt/Opf
• CHEN LUCHEN, Director of the National Museum of China in Beijing, invites Anna Chromy for a Solo Exhibition in October at the Museum
• WU WEISHAN, General Director of the National Art Museum of China in Beijing, President of National Sculpture Academy, President of Chinese City Sculpture Committee, is COMMISSIONER of the Expo
• WANG CHUNCHEN, Curator and Head of the Curatorial Research Department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, Adjunct Curator Broad Museum, Los Angeles, and Curator of the Chinese Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2013 is the CURATOR of the Expo in the National Museum
• Installation of monumental “SUNSHINE GODDESS” (10 meters) at new Headquarters of Sunshine Insurance, Beijing
• Installation of “Fountain of Musicians” at Sunshine HQ, Beijing
• Installation of “Sunshine Goddess” (4 m) at Sunshine HQ in Chengdu, Sichuan
• Exhibition at “Versiliana Festival”, Marina di Pietrasanta, Installation of sculpture “Donna Anna”
• “Chromy Award” for Singer/Actor Massimo Ranieri at La Versiliana Festival, Marina di Pietrasanta (Lu)
• “Dance Award” for Moses Pendleton’s Momix Dance Theatre and Giacomo Agostini, Moto World Champion, at La Versiliana Festival
• Installation of “Silk Road” sculpture at the China Pavilion, Expo 2015 Milano
• “Silk Road” trophy for the General Commissioner of China Pavilion, Mr. Wang Jinzhen
• “Golden Tea Leaf” Medals for major Chinese tea producers, China Pavilion, Expo 2015 Milano
• “Chromy Award” for Dr. Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, pilots and founders of “Solarimpulse”, at “Sustainability Week”, Abu Dhabi

• Installation of “Ulysses” in front of the new Club House of Monaco Yacht Club
• H.S.H. Prince Albert of Monaco inaugurates a “Cloak of Conscience” in the Gardens of Grimaldi Forum
• Dr. Robert Lyons, President of Kaqun Water, receives a Chromy Award
• Creation of the Cloaks in National Colors and sale through a new e-commerce site
• Exhibition Continental Art Fair, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, Cote d’Azur
• Anna’s works figure prominently in “Catalogo dell’Arte Moderna” published by Edizioni Mondadori

• Prince Albert II of Monaco is honored with the Chromy Award 2013 in the Prince’s Palace of Monaco
• Tony Juniper, leading UK environmentalist, receives a Chromy 2013 at Hay-on-Wye Literary Festival
• Alain Bougrain Dubourg, President of the LPO and leading French environmentalist receives a Chromy
• Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, known for his life story in the movie “The Untouchables” receives a Chromy
• AMMA, the Indian Saint and President of Embracing the World Foundation, receives a Chromy
• Installation of a fourth bust in the “Anif Pantheon” near Salzburg
• Anna is the only Foreign Master nominated as Judge in the CCTV National Sculpture Competition, Beijing
• Exhibitions at the Beijing Art Fair, Chelsea Flower Show in London, and other events
• Creation of the group “Chromatology”, a cycle of large paintings dedicated to sustainable development
• Painting “Francesco” for the new Pope

• Exhibition “Spiritus Mundi” at Foshan Museum of Art
• Installation of “Olympic Spirit” at the Olympic Village London 2012 in front of Home Team GB
• Installation of a portrait of Norio Ohga, the late President of Sony Corporation, at Anif/Salzburg
• Launch of the “Chromy Award” at the Cannes Film Festival and dedication of the first Trophy to Captain Paul Watson, Founder and President of Sea Shepherd Foundation
• Letter of appointment as Honorary Fellow to the National Academy of Sculpture, Beijing
• Installation of an Olympic Spirit in the Gallery of the National Academy of Sculpture

• Exhibition “Myths of the Mediterranean” at the old Port of Saint-Tropez
• Painting “Misericordia” created for the Beatification of John Paul II
• Completion of the plinth for Cloak of Conscience

• Installation of ” Galileo Galilei” sculpture on the main road of Science City in Guangzhou
• Inauguration of the Chromy Art Space in Pietrasanta, Tuscany
• A “Cloak” as distinction for the Master Class in Mediation and Diplomacy of University Paris South
• The “Olivier d’Or/ Pax Medicalis 2010” is awarded to the “Gaza Doctor” Izzeldin Abuelaish
• Completion of the monumental Cloak of Conscience in Studio Michelangelo, Carrara

• Inauguration of the “Christ Resurrected” in Saint Severin Church by the Archbishop of Munich
• “Equus” Trophy for Count Landsberg-Velen, Honorary President of the Order of Malta, Nuremberg
• Prince Albert II of Monaco honors the winner of the Nobel Peace prize, Elie Wiesel, with the “Olivier d’Or” created by Anna
• Creation of the “Peace Eagle” for the Foundation of Prince Albert II of Monaco
• Installation of the sculpture “Franz Schubert” at Bad Gastein, Austria
• Support of Tony Blair and his Faith Foundation for the Cloak and the Conscience Institute
• Personal exhibition at the Arts Space of the Beijing Hong Kong Jockey Club

• “Premio Michelangelo”, Carrara, Tuscany, awarded to Anna Chromy
• Creation of “Olivier d’Or” Trophy for “Association Pax Medicalis”, Cote d’Azur, France (Laureate 2008 Sister Emmanuelle, the “French Mother Theresa”)
• Installation of the group “Saint Francis with Poverty” in the Monastery of Saint Francis in Assisi
• Audience with Benedict XVI at Saint Peter’s in Rome and presentation of a model of the Cloak
• Presentation of the Cloak of Conscience project to Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France

• Installation of the “Cloak of Saint Martin” at the entrance of Cap Martin, Cote d’Azur, France
• Installation of “Saint Martin” on the altar of the Saints Chapel at Basilica di San Francesco, Assisi
• Exhibition “Mythos Europe” at the National Archaeological Museum, Athens
• Installation of a “Cloak” at the National Archaeological Museum
• Installation of a “Cloak” at Fondazione Ferrero, Alba, Italy

• “Premio Voce delle Alpe Apuane” for Anna Chromy, Massa-Carrara, Tuscany
• Creation of “Premio Ulysses” for the City of Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany
• A block of 250 tons of white Carrara marble as gift of “Cave Michelangelo” to Anna Chromy
• Installation of “Carmen” and “Sisyphus” in the Museum of Modern Art of Guangzhou, China
• Installation of “Violin Player” and “Trumpet Player” at “Le Dome” building, Luxemburg
• Donne & Arte, Teatro dell’Olivo, Camaiore
• Paintings and Sculptures, Palais Carnoles, Musée de Menton

• Exhibition “Mythos Europe” on Place Vendôme, Paris (20 monumental sculptures)
• Installation of “Christoph Willibald Gluck” in the State Opera House, Nurnberg, Germany
• Anna is invited as Guest of Honor at the Art Fair in Guangzhou, China

• Installation of “Sisyphus” in Scuola Superiore di Sant’Anna, University of Pisa, Italy
• Installation of “Ulysses” on “Espace Cocteau”, Menton, France
• Installation of “La Bella Elvira” in the Palace of Regione Toscana, Florence, Italy
• Creation of the Official Poster of Tuscany for World Women’s Day

• Exhibition “Il Canto di Orfeo” at Sant’Agostino Museum, Pietrasanta, Tuscany

• “Medal Franz Kafka” for the life-time achievements of Anna Chromy, Prague (former laureates include: Steven Spielberg, Milos Forman, Norman Mailer, a.o.)
• Installation of “Marionette Dancer” at “Museo del Parco”, Portofino, Italy
• Installation of a “Marionette Dancer” on Piazza Garibaldi, Pietrasanta, Italy
• “International Premio Salvador Dali” awarded to the surrealist artist Anna Chromy, Prague
• Bronze portrait of Karheinz Boehm for Foundation “Menschen fuer Menschen”, Vienna, Austria
• Edmund Stoiber, Prime Minister of Bavaria, receives the “Equus Trophy” created by Anna Chromy

• Installation of fountain “Czech Musicians” by the Mayor of Prague I on Sénovàzné nàmesti
• “Heart of the World”, for Pope John Paul II and audience on St. Peters Square, Vatican, Rome
• “Masaryk Prize for European Reconciliation” for Anna Chromy, Prague
• Installation of a Cloak at the Philosophers Cercle of Museum C’à la Ghironda, Zola Predosa, Bologna
• Installation of bronze portrait of Count Johannes Moy, Anif/Salzburg

• Installation of “Ulysses” together with the four “Constellations” at Pontile, Forte dei Marmi, Italy
• Installation of “Herbert von Karajan” sculpture at his birthplace in the center of Salzburg, Austria and inauguration with the Vienna Philharmonic, Riccardo Muti, Eliette von Karajan, etc.
• Installation of a bronze portrait of Herbert von Karajan at the cemetery of Anif/Salzburg, Austria
• Installation of a bronze portrait of Oscar Wilde at the Museum of Modern Art, Menton, France
• Installation of a Cloak at “Museo dei Bozzetti”, Pietrasanta, Italy

• Sculpture Exhibition “Mythos Europe” as part of “Prague European Capital of Culture”
• Installation of a Cloak, or “Commendatore”, in front of Stavovské divadlò, the Prague Opera house
• Installation of “Elvira” and “Don Ottavio” in the new Headquarters of Nuernberger Versicherung
• Bronze portrait of Herbert von Karajan for State Theatre Ulm and Karajan Center Vienna

• Installation of a Cloak or “Piétà” by the Archbishop of Salzburg in front of the Cathedral
• Installation of “Carmen” by Prince Rainier III at the Grimaldi Palace in Monte Carlo
• CD-Edition “Don Giovanni” by W.A. Mozart illustrated with the sculptures of Anna Chromy
• Sculptures, Galerie Leadouze, Paris

• Exhibition of “Don Giovanni” sculptures at Hellbrunn Castle and Garden, Salzburg

• Installation of a “Cloak of Conscience” at Keitum Church, Sylt, Germany
• Installation of a “Heart for Children” at RTL Television headquarters, Cologne, Germany
• Exhibition “Don Giovanni” group at Opera de Monte Carlo and Opera Comique, Paris
• Don Giovanni sculptures, Centro, Oberhausen
• Don Giovanni, La Versiliana, Marina di Pietrasanta
• Sculture in città, San Giovanni in Persiceto, Bologna

• Installation of a Cloak in bronze by Prince Rainier III at Grimaldi Palace, Principality of Monaco

• Installation “France Triomphante” and “Leporello” at Roquebrune Cap Martin, France

• Creation of “Equus Trophy” for Bavarian Equestrian Federation, Munich, Germany
• Installation of a Cloak in Museo dei Bozetti, Pietrasanta

• Creation of the portrait of Oscar Wilde and exhibition in London
• Creation of the first Cloak in bronze and exhibition at “La Veste del Vuoto” exhibition in Pietrasanta
• Creation of poster and program for Prague Autumn Festival
• Participation with Galerie Haurie, Sevilla, at Miami Art Fair

• Creation of the painting “Prague Autumn”, official motive for Prague Autumn Festival
• Drawings and Paintings, Galerie Medicis, Zurich
• Drawings and Paintings, Galerie Kutschera, Salzburg
• Drawings and Paintings, Galerie Corso, Wien
• Drawings and Paintings Galerie Hartmann, Muenchen
• Drawings and Paintings, Vasarely Museum, Aix-en-Provence
• Homage à El Greco, National Museum, Budapest

• Drawings and Paintings, Palffy Palace Gallery, Bratislava
• Drawings and Paintings, Dielo Gallery, Prague
• Drawings and Paintings, Michailiwska Trapezna Museum, Kiev

• The motive of the official painting of EXPO’92 is used for the first telephone card issue in Monaco

• “Man, Earth, Universe” becomes the Official Painting of EXPO’92 in Seville, Cartuja Museum

• “Peace On Earth”, three drawings for the United Nations in New York
• Paintings, Anna Chromy Gallery, Wiesbaden

• Paintings, Foxworth Gallery, New York, NY

• Paintings and Drawings, Galérie Schèmes, Lille

• Paintings and Drawings, Galérie Schèmes, Boston, USA

• Lithography “Oeuf”, created in Studio Grapholith, Paris
• Paintings and Drawings, Galérie Schèmes, Le Touquet, France

• Painting “To be, or not to be” with the first image of the Cloak of Conscience
• Paintings and Drawings, Salones Berkowitsch, Madrid
• Paintings and Drawings, Galerie Syra, Casa Batllò, Barcelona

• Paintings, Galerie Exit, Munich

• First Solo exhibitions in the Austrian General Consulate in Munich and other parts of Bavaria
• First meeting with Salvador Dali at Hotel Meurice in Paris
• Dali at Hotel Meurice in Paris