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Swarovsky and Anna Chromy: Shared cultural roots and values

Swarovsky, the world leader in cut crystal takes great pleasure in supporting Anna Chromy, whose life-size bronze and marble statues go on display at the Place Vendôme.

Swarovski see in the artist not only a sculptress of extraordinary artistic talent but also a quintessential European who shares with the crystal company the same Mittel-Europa cultural roots and soul. Indeed many parallels exist: Chromy was born in Boemia and matured in Austria, thus following in the footsteps of the spiritual father of Swarovski, Daniel Swarovski I. Both Chromy and Swarowsky share a fascination with creating objects of rare beauty that touch the emotions and explore the dream-world of the subconscious.

The company shares an admiration for the joie de vivre that Chromy expresses through her artistic work – a quality that it strives to capture in the creation of its own crystalline objects: Swarowsky also has a cornerstone policy to support the arts and cultural activities, particularly those that reflect its own artistic and cultural roots.

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